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All terms listed below are subject to change as situations arise that require them, and will be changed accordingly without any prior notice.

Minors (persons 17 and under):

Please be aware that I can not work with anyone under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18, this means you CAN NOT LEGALLY enter into or be held liable for any form of Legally Binding Contract (which is what this TOS accounts to when you agree to the terms stated below), and will be asked to please have your legal guardian contact me regarding ANY further interactions.

By the way, I am not saying this to discourage younger fans from Impdopting from me (I’m always thrilled when younger fans enjoy what I do!), but I legally can not directly sell to you due to the nature of United States Laws, and the fact minors can not enter into any contracts without their legal guardian’s permission.

Commission Terms and Conditions 

By commissioning me you are agreeing to the terms and conditions presented below:

Payment (unless agreed otherwise) – Payment must be made in full in USD via PayPal Invoice. Payment is only required once I contact you regarding your slot on the commission list, but I require that all funds be paid up front before I start work on your commission. Please be aware there is a 7% sales tax on TOP of your commission that has to be collected at time of payment (this is not included in the commission itself and I am required to collect it for tax filing purposes).

I generally do not accept payment plans, but depending upon what exactly you are having commissioned, I will consider them on a case by case basis (just please feel free to contact me regarding this). Commissions paid via payment plan will not commence until full payment has been received.

Keep in contact – I will be contacting you during the commission process to check with you about different aspects of your commission, and I please ask that you respond in a timely manner so that I can be sure to finish your commission on time and with the utmost care. 

Right to refuse service – I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for ANY reason. If I feel as if you are being hateful, rude, constantly cursing, demanding excessive updates (constantly badgering me multiple times a day), inquiring about personal details, or are making it so that your commission is taking a toll on me mentally, I will at that point cease working on your commission and will then begin the refund process without a verbal warning.

I have not had to deal with this as of thus far with any of my commissioners (everyone has been super lovely!), but I just wanted to make it very clear that I will not tolerate that sort of behavior. I treat each of my commissioners with respect, and I expect to be given the same treatment in kind.

Cancellations – If the commission has not yet been started and the commissioner wishes to cancel once the payment has been made, I reserve the right to retain 30% of any funds paid to cover any fees, materials, and lost time. The other 70% of the funds (minus taxes) will be refunded to you at that point via Paypal.

If your commission has already been started, no refunds may be issued at that point and your commission will be completed as originally agreed upon. 

Changes to Commissions – Changes to commissions not yet started need to be discussed before I begin. Any changes needing to be made AFTER I start will be handled on a case by case basis. If I agree to make said requested changes after I have started, you will need to pay any additional costs that may arise from said changes if they are not something that would originally have been included at the time of commission, and will be informed of these before any work will continue.

Returns & Refunds – Because of the custom nature of the One of a Kind creations that I make, I will not accept returns for custom made items and there will be no refunds issued.

There is ONE acceptation to this rule and that is if the Original Imdopter has either passed on or that the little one Impdopted from me can not travel with you to a new location. You may contact me regarding these sorts of issues, and I’ll be more than happy to speak with you to figure out what can be done with the now Wayward Imp (there will be no refunds issued for these cases if they happen to be sent back to me, but rest assured that I will do my best to either keep them in my care or find them a loving new home)

Damages and Repairs – If your little one becomes damaged (i.e: not ripped to shreds), you may send them back to me to have surgery done to fix your little one. The Imp Hospital has a $10 (+ return s&h & 7% tax) surgery fee that covers all repairs. 

Shipping & Handling – Shipping costs will be determined at the time of your commission; Depending upon where your final commission is being sent will determine the shipping method/ cost for shipping. Most domestic US orders are sent via First-Class USPS mail (weight can change this class however), International orders will be shipped via International Shipping through the USPS or UPS (depending upon which one is more affordable).  You will receive a tracking number once I have packaged everything up and have created a shipping label.

If you wish to have your order sent via a different carrier, please let me know and we can discuss which carriers may be better options.

Any import charges, taxes etc. are the responsibility of the purchaser and not my own. Please research the import fees, taxes, etc. of your own country before committing to your purchase. 

Because of the One of a Kind nature of what I make, all US orders include insurance & tracking just on the off chance something should happen during shipping and your commission is damaged (shipping is NOT included in this claim). International shipping does not include insurance, but can be added upon request for a small fee.

If you somehow have a damaged item arrive to you, please contact me and send me a picture of the damaged item so that I can make a determination as to the next best step to take.

With that said, if your package becomes lost or stolen, you will need to take it up with the USPS because it is out of my hands at that point. I do not have any control over how the USPS handles your package, and I have no way of replacing an item that never makes it to its destination (These are all one of a kind handmade creations that can NEVER be duplicated or recreated). I will say I do track all packages from the time they leave my hands until they arrive at their final destination, so I will be keeping an eye on your commissions progress, but I have no control over when it will arrive to you.

Premade Impdoption Terms and Conditions

All of the other terms and conditions above do still apply, but there are a few additional terms that need to be covered for premades.

Full Payment (including shipping and taxes) will be required in prior to shipment. Once you have discussed with me via email which little ones you are wanting to Impdopt and we have any other details ironed out, I will be sending you a Paypal Invoice to use to make your payment.

PLEASE double check your mailing address in Paypal to make sure it is the correct one. If the address you want your package sent to is different than what it listed, please let me know in your initial email so that I am aware that I need to generate a different address shipping label.

I am NOT to be held responsible if your mailing address is not correct, and your package is shipped to the wrong location. No refund will be issued in the case of an incorrect address. Once your package label has been generated, a tracking number will be emailed to you I try my best to get packages out in a timely manner via the USPS (normally the next business day), but sometimes unforeseen issues may arise that may interfere with shipping times. If there is an issue with sending your order out the next business day, I will contact you and let you know.

Like with commission shipping, if you wish to have a different carrier used that is NOT the USPS, please let me know ahead of time and we can discuss which carrier option would be best for your shipment. If you have read this far and agree to the above Terms of Service, the key word is Imptastic (please include this in your email message so that I know you have read the TOS in full)!