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So you’ve decided you want to Impdopt a Muri or Micro Imp, or are interested in tackling a Wix. Well good on you! You are in the right place for all of the extra impformation in regards to the special Impdoptions of these types.

The normal rules from the main Impdoption process still apply (creation time, shipping, payments, etc), but there are extra things included in these types of Impdoptions that are not offered with the normal commissions; namely there is minky and embroidery involved in the case of the Muris or the Wix, and the Micro Imps are a rare creation that have not been offered prior to this point in time (but decided I am willing to offer them as a possible commission if someone is really interested).

First and foremost I’m going to touch on each group individually, breaking down how their creation process is handled, and the different options that are available.

Muris (MerImps & MerImplings):

Muris are a blend of sock and minky combination; Their upper half is sock, and their tail lower half is crafted in minky. This means that their upper half is very similar to normal Imps/Implings in creation, but their lower half is something that is unique to them.

Currently there is an embroidered fishtail lower half that is available for Custom Impdoptions, but it is possible to have other aquatic creature tails designed for individuals if you are interested.

MerImp commissions start at $90, and MerImplings start at $80 for the fishtail variety (this offered variety will change as more are created). If you are interested in having a different aquatic creature lower half that is not offered, an additional $150 will be added to the commission quote to cover the time and cost of designing/testing a brand new pattern (testing a new pattern can take upwards of several weeks, so please be aware it make take longer than the 2-3 week window normally offered).

Just like with Imps, there is a process of selecting socks from my stash (or sending me socks if you want to go that route), matching it with a batik fabric for the inside of the ears, palms of the hands (if it is a MerImp), and inside the wings. When it comes to the minky tail portion, I will give you a few options from my stash of what might work best with the socks chosen and will double check with you after each step to make sure everything is good to go before starting on your custom new friend.

– If you are wanting to send socks, MerImp or MerImpling require at a minimum 1 pair of Adult Ankle Socks to have enough material to work with.

Micro Imps:

These are the smallest Imps that I offer, and they are a rarity due to how hard it is to turn such tiny pieces without destroying them (so far there have only ever been 2 made). They are made in much the same way as normal sized Imps, but sit less than 5″ tall, so the Impdoption creation process is exactly the same as a normal Imp/Sproutling only in miniature (sock selection/mailing me socks, batik fabrics, wool felt horns or no horns at all, hand embroidery, etc).

Due to the difficulty with their creation, Micro Imp Impdoption fees start at $300.

Micro Imps do have the option of mutations such as:
Larger than normal bird or bat wings (add $5)
Larger than normal horns (add $5)
No Wings

If you are wanting to send socks, Micro Imps require at least 1 pair of crew socks (either adult crew, or a child’s size 7-9)


The Wix are completely made from minky with embroidered faces and wings; they are very sculptural in nature and the main bodies only come in dark minky colors (so their color pallet is limited). With that said, the batik fabric I use to line the ears/palms/feet is open to all sorts of bright and interesting colors, as well as there are quite a few embroidery color options for the eyes/mouth/wings (so there are lots of color choices in this range).

The Wix Impdoption fees start at $80

Wix do not come with any known mutations