Wix Examples

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The Wix are not the mischievous, fun loving Imps that everyone has grown to love and enjoy; these are physical personifications of children’s most hateful and just down right awful emotions that are done out of malice. And by this I do not mean emotional outbursts that are then regretted later, these are created from emotions that are done with intent to harm someone else.

When these ones come up for Impdoption, please be fully aware that they are not going to play nice and you may end up having to Wix-proof your place.

Standard Wix have the following:

  • Embroidered faces
  • Super Tiny embroidered wings
  • No ear swirls
  • Short tails with no tuft

Please note: Wix do NOT come in any bright colors

Only known mutation:

  • No wings

More information about Wix Impdoptions can be read about over here