Muris Examples

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MerImps and MerImplings (also known collectively as Muris) are a subcategory of Imps that are aquatic in nature and never venture onto land (they can breath air if they do find themselves stranded however). Just like their land counterparts, MerImps are created from children’s mischief within or very near bodies of water, and MerImplings are created from children contemplating ideas of how to cause trouble.

Standard Muris have the following:

  • Imp or Impling upper half
  • Aquatic creature lower half made from Minky (normally these are embroidered fish tails with dorsal fin, but other aquatic creatures can happen)
  • Fin ears
  • Head Fin
  • Fin Wings
  • Needle sculpted hands (Imps)
  • Nubbin Arms (Implings)

Known possible mutations for Muris:

  • Back Dorsal fin instead of Fin wings
  • No Head Fin
  • No Fin Wings at all

More information about Muri Impdoptions can be read about over here