Imp & Mini Imp Examples

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Imps are Physical Manifestations of Children’s Mischief. This means most human children who decide to preform acts of mischief have brought to life countless numbers of Imps as they grow up.

Standard Imps have the following:

  • Bird or Bat style wings
  • Horns of many different shapes and sizes
  • Swirls in their ears
  • Needle-sculpted faces/hands/feet

Mini Imps:

  • Smaller than a normal Imp
  • Comes with all normal Imp/Sproutling features

Known possible mutations:

  • Larger than normal Horns (costs extra)
  • Larger than normal Wings (costs extra)
  • Smaller than normal wings
  • No wings

Image 1 – Normal Imp
Image 2 – Normal Imp
Image 3 – Imp with scars + costume
Image 4 – Imp with a horn mutation
Image 5 – Imp with a horn mutation
Image 6 – Imp with a small wing mutation
Image 7 – Mini Imp
Image 8 – Blind Imp
Image 9 – Patchwork Imp
Image 10 – Patchwork Imp
Image 11 – Imp with both a horn and wing mutation
Image 12 – Micro Imp (super rare)