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You’re more than likely on this section of the site because you are interested in Impdopting (our way of saying Adopting, because you do not buy them, you IMPdopt them) an Imp of your very own; and that is a wonderful thing! Every imp is special and unique, and each one needs a loving and forever home.

Are you that special someone who can provide the best environment for your Imp? I bet you are!

Now I am sure you are wondering what all is involved in the process, and I have to say that it isn’t very hard, you just need to be understanding that Imps have their own way of coming into the world, and it may take a little while before you can bring one into your life. But never fear, I’m here to guide you so that you have a full understanding before you decide to delve into Impdoption an Imp of your very own. 

The creative process can take upwards of two to three weeks, but this is to insure that the Imp Meister has time to work on them and make their unique personalities shine. It rarely takes that long to bring them to life, but we want to ensure that there is enough time to get them made and sent on their travels to their end destination without any issues. There are times when the wait period may be longer than 2-3 weeks, but I will let you know accordingly if that if the case.

And like it was stated earlier, you do not buy Imps, you Impdopt them; and like all adoptions, there is a nominal fee to cover this process. Basic Custom Impdoptions for Imps and Wixlings start at $65, Implets start at $55, and Implings start at $45 (the Wix and Muris are not currently available for commissions at this time). This fee covers their creation, housing, feeding, and the paperwork that goes into making sure they are legal and ready to go to their new homes (and their travel accommodations are covered in the shipping part). Each commission is also subject to a 7% sales tax that has to be collected at the time of paying all Impdoption fees + shipping costs

Now there are two ways of going about an Impdoption:

  1. Impdopting a premade Friend. These will be announced on Impstagram and Twitter, and they will be listed in the Catalog once they are available (if they are not in the catalog after being listed on social media, then they are no longer available).
  2. See if I have any openings on my waitlist and contacting me. If I do not have any open slots right away, you will be placed on a wait-list to be contacted in the order that I received inquires.

If you choose the first option, you will just need to keep an eye on Twitter, Instagram, or listed in the Catalog for when anyone comes up for Impdoption.

If you go with the second option, please bear in mind that I will not require any payment until you actually are contacted regarding your commission once your spot comes to the top of the wait list (waitlist is first come, first served).

Once I am ready to begin the commission process with you, I’ll be using the originally submitted Commission Form to check and see if you were planning in mailing me socks, or if you were interested in seeing what sorts of colors/patterns I may have on hand.

Sending socks to me:

If you are planning on having me use socks that you provide, be they just a pattern you really like or something that is near and dear to your heart, use the following guide to see if your chosen socks have enough material for me to work with:

A) Imps & Wixlings
1.Adult-sized socks require the following amounts:

  • Shortie/No show – 2 pairs (4 socks)
  • Crew/Calf – 1 pair
  • Knee/Thigh high – 1 sock

2. Kid-sized socks (Imps tend to run a little smaller, need at least crew-sized):

  • Shortie/No show – 3 pairs (5 socks)
  • Crew/Calf – 2 pair (3 socks)
  • Knee/Thigh high – 1 pair

B) Implings
Implings need a minimum of 1 adult pair of no-show socks OR a child’s pair of size 7-9 crew socks 

C) Implets
Implets can be made with a single pair of baby socks (these little ones are TINY but are harder to make than Implings)

Special note on Screen Printed socks: Please be aware that while screen printed socks can have some interesting and neat images printed on then, the final design may end up a bit faded due to being stretched or distorted by the making process due to the design being printed onto the sock instead of being woven in.

IMPORTANT: If the socks are new and have not come in contact with any weird smells, smoke, or pet dander, then you do not need to wash them before sending them to me. If the socks are second hand, please launder them before mailing them to me (I will not accept any dirty or stinky socks, stained socks are fine however as long as they are clean).

Also, If the socks you are picking are very thin or the material they are made from is not exactly the best, they may not be suitable for Imp making. If you are unsure if the socks you have picked are suitable to use, just be sure to show them to me via an emailed image, and I’ll let you know!

Picking socks from my stash:

With this option, I’ll be using the Commission form to see what colors or pattern types you may be interested in. I’ll go through my sock stash and see what I have for selections, and send you a photo of 5-6 choices that I think may be close to your request; if none of these choices are a good fit, we’ll continue the process until you spot something that speaks to you.

As a side note: If you want to be very specific with your choice, you may want to go with the send your own socks option instead of seeing what I have on hand.

Once we have narrowed your sock choice to the pair you want used (or if you are mailing me socks, once the socks arrive), we’ll go ahead and move onto the next part of the process with picking the corresponding fabric for the lining portions that appear in things like ears, hands, feet, and wings. Just like with the socks, I’ll send you a few photo choices I think may work with your chosen or provided socks, and we’ll narrow it down until we find something you like.

If you have chosen to have horns on your Imp, we will address that at this point by giving you a few wool felt choices I think may work. I’ll again let you pick which ones you like, and set it with everything else. The actual horn style/shape will not be mocked up until towards the end of the creation process, but I will further contact you with photos of paper mockup horns to approve or have altered.

If you have decided to include any mutations, this will be addressed during the fabric choice process.

After all of that is square away, I’ll put together the final choices along with the threads I think would work best to tie everything together, the buttons I plan on using, and will send you a final photo of everything so you can see it all together before I begin the creation process of your new little friend.

Once everything has been approved, it is at this point that there is a NO REFUND policy as per my TOS because once I have started, the process is pretty quick and straight forward. You need to let me know well ahead of time before I begin if you have changed your mind and want to cancel your commission (the final approval stage is the last point in which you can cancel your commission before I move onto the creation portion).

Twitch streaming: If you have opted to have your little one’s creation streamed live on Twitch, I’ll be sure to get with you to confirm a day/time that works best for you. Keep in mind that Imps and Wixlings require two 2-hour streams to be completed, Implings require about 2 1/2 hours, and Implets can be finished in a single stream.

I also can be found streaming from 4-6 pm EST on most Wednesdays if you just want to pop in and watch me work (this day/time is subject to change sometimes, but will be announced on twitter).

Still interested in a commission?

If you made it this far and still wish to go through the Impdoption creation process, please go read my Terms of Service and then fill out the Custom Commission form (the keyword is IMPTASTIC ) so that I can contact you once I am ready to begin the Impdoption process with you (if I do not have anyone on my waiting list, then you will be contacted as soon as I have a chance to review your commission form).

If you have any additional questions beyond what has already been covered, or a part of the process is not as clear as it should be, please feel free to fill out the general contact form and I’ll try to answer all of your additional questions via email.