If you are wanting to commission a Custom Friend from me, please answer all questions so that I have a general idea of what you might be wanting ahead of time.

Questions I need answered so I am better informed about what you might be looking for (just copy and paste everything into the message area):

Paypal Email (if different from primary email):
Postal Zipcode and Country for shipping:

Type of Commission: Imp, Impling, Implet, Sproutling Cuddler, or Wixling
If you are choosing an Imp commission, which type are you looking for:
Imp / Sproutling (no horns) / Mini Imp (smaller than normal)

Are you Providing your own socks?
If not to providing socks, what patterns or colors you may be interested in or colors to avoid so that I can look in my sock stash and see what I have on hand?

Bird or Bat style wings (Imps/Implings/Implets): Bat, Bird, Surprise me (let them decide)


Do you want horns? Yes, No (this will be a Sproutling), or Leave it up to the Imp
If yes to horns of your choice, what style horns are you looking for?

Do you want any Mutations?
If yes to the above, do you want:
Extra-large Horns,(extra), Extra-large Wings (extra), Smaller than normal Wings (no charge), No Wings
(no charge)


Horn numbs? Yes / No / Surprise Me (let them decide)
Would you like wing mutations (smaller than normal)?

Are you interested an Imp-sized hoodie/cloak/hood/scood?

Are you interested in seeing your little friend made live on Twitch?
If yes, when is the best time/days for you to be able to come watch?

Any special requests or deadlines I need to know about?

What is the TOS Keyword?