11/03/2020: Just as a heads up, I am revamping my pages and the forms are currently down. If you wish to contact me regarding commissions, please feel free to email me in order to go through the Custom Commission Process

Please be sure to read the Impdoption Process page before inquiring and contact the artist if you have any additional questions

If you are wanting to commission a Custom Friend from me, please answer the following questions to get the ball rolling. I will send you a more comprehensive questionnaire depending upon which type of commission you may be seeking to hash out further details. Just copy and paste everything into the message area to fill it out

  • Paypal Email for invoicing (if different from primary email)?
  • Postal Zipcode and Country for shipping quote?
  • Type of Commission you are seeking?
    (Possible commission types: Imp, Impling, Implet, Sproutling Cuddler, Muris (MerImp/MerImpling), Wixling, or Wix)
  • What is the keyword from the TOS?

    Please email your responses to Dragontrap@yahoo.com with the subject line ‘Custom Commission Inquiry