Hello and welcome to the all new home for everything and anything Impistry!

Within the site you’ll find a handy dandy Imp guide to see how to tell each one apart, a catalog so that you can see who is all available for Impdoption, a guide on how to go through the custom commission process, random impformation, and so much more!

4/16/20 Update: Impdoptions and Custom commissions are now currently available. No one in my household has been exposed to Covid-19, so I feel safe reopening Impdoptions and mailing out new little friends to their forever homes. Please use the custom commission form to contact me for all Impdoptions.

Also please be aware that this situation can change at any point, but for the time being I will be doing regular mail runs since I do not have to interact with anyone to ship things out.

3/23/20 Update: Please be aware that in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Impistry will not be shipping any orders until things have calmed down and there is no longer a danger posed by the virus. Custom commissions ARE open, but you will not receive them until the danger has passed.